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10 ways to make money from home


1.) Take good photos then sell it

What you need is a good camera, editing software like Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and skills. What if I don’t have the skills? That’s easy. Read photography articles for beginners or watch Youtube videos. “Skill in photography is acquired by practice and not by purchase”

2.) Sell your old or new stuff on Ebay

You also need a good camera when listing your old or new items on Ebay. Make sure you describe the items perfectly, be very specific. Sign up with Paypal to get paid (link your credit or debit card). After you make your first sale, encourage your buyer to leave a good feedback.

3.) Be a freelance article writer

Creativity, skills, and a working laptop is what you need to get started. Read good articles and do your research. Don’t lose your focus and stay in research mode at all times. When an idea pop in your head, get your phone or laptop notepad then jot it down. I have so many drafts in my WordPress because I kept using the quick draft page whenever I think of something interesting to write about. If you want to be good at something, all you have to do is practice. Then it gets easier after awhile.

4.) Get paid to review

Start a blog then contact some websites where you can make money writing reviews about products. You can choose from e-books, food, music, hotels, software or anything in between. I know that it’s hard to write about something you don’t have enough knowledge or understanding about. But you have a lot of options out there, just write anything that you fancy and life is gonna be easier.

5.) Get paid to read emails

This is probably one of the easiest ways to make money from home. All you have to do is read emails that contains links then click on it and it will bring you to an advertisement site. Easy right? You can do this job without using much capacity of your brain. Just sit there, read then click. Make sure you do your research well to distinguish which sites are legit or not.

6.) Article submission

There are almost 100 websites where writers get paid for writing an article. All you gotta do is to study the guidelines and scan through the articles that already “live” on their site. Explore an issue or topic they already published, make fresh content, and be competitive. Pick a niche that interest you so it’s gonna be easy and more enjoyable to write.

7.) Make money playing games

If you enjoy playing online games, this one’s for you. You collect tokens to participate in addictive games where you can win cash. There’s also a daily raffle with over five thousand dollars prize money at stake. Too good to be true? Check out Swagbucks, GSN and LalaLoot to find out how. You can also use your phone and play android games such as Cubic Cash and Wild Wallet if you have free time.

8.) Make money from Affiliate Marketing

You will be needing a blog or website to do this and a little knowledge of HTML or CSS language. What is affiliate marketing anyways? As a blogger, you will be rewarded when you help a business by promoting their products and services. You will earn a commission when a visitor purchase something from them. Pretty simple right?

9.) Get paid to search

“Search Engine Evaluator” is the term they use for this job. You can get paid with this job for $12 to $15 per hour and you can set your own hours and take rest days whenever you want. Being an evaluator you can discover new things. So it’s like a win-win situation coz you will learn something new and you’ll get paid for it. Try to search for jobs like this in Leapforce, Lionbridge, Bing Rewards, Qmee, Screen Wise and Appen Butler Hill.

10.) Help local businesses to build strong online presence

There are three major ways to create a presence online: Website, mobile and social media. If you know SEO (search engine optimization), PPC (pay-per-click), social media marketing and Google Adsense then you can offer this services to local businesses near your area. Contact them by email or over the phone to explain the benefits of being visible online.

Those are just examples of things you can do online to make extra cash. I’m sure there’s more stuff out there that works, (if you’re nice enough) feel free to share them on the comments section down below. Thanks so much!



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