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5 Best Fitness Apps that are so fun to use


Work, work, work, work, work! Rihanna’s new song is hella catchy! It encourages everybody to workout. You don’t think so? Well, maybe these fun fitness apps might help your body get ready for beach season. 🙂

nexercise app review

1. Nexercise – this app is a fitness tracker that aimed at motivating people to achieve their fitness goals. You could also earn incentives in the form of rewards such as; gift cards, workout gear, equipment and experience points. It lets you encourage one another or compete with your friends. What’s not to love?

Price: Free
Platforms: iOS and Android

  • track your activities real-time
  • Facebook and Twitter integration
  • challenge your friends for points
  • earn rewards

Zombies, Run!

2. Zombies, Run! – this app is story driven and immersive that makes running authentically fun. I heard that a lot of people got addicted to running because of this app. It’s pretty simple to use too. You select an episode, carry out your mission objectives and go for a run. The story is explained to you through audio recordings, interspersed with your own music. Get your sweat on!

Price: Free
Platforms: iOS and Android

  • very entertaining, it draws you in
  • access to the online portal
  • can be personalized, you can use your own music
  • you can track your progress

New Nike+ Training Club review3. Nike+ Training Club – it’s a top-notch fitness app coz the workouts were designed by professional trainers and athletes for all fitness levels. You can choose a goal whether to get lean, toned, strong or focused.

Price: Free
Platforms: iOS and Android

  • you won’t get bored
  • customizable options, you can play your own music
  • warm up and cool down exercises are included
  • clear visual demo of every single workout

Pact app review4. Pact – stick to your fitness goal and you will get paid by this app. That’s right, you get paid for exercising. If you commit that you will work out 5 times per week or eat fruits and vegetables every day, you will get paid for it. If you slack off, you will have to pay a penalty. Pretty genius right?

Price: Free
Platforms: iOS and Android

  • earn cash, money is the motivation
  • encourages you to eat fruits and vegetables
  • sync with your phone or wearables (FitBit, Jawbone UP, etc)
  • snap photos of food diary

Burn your fat with me! review5. Burn Your Fat With Me – it is a visual novel fitness app that uses its plot to keep players interested in their fitness routines. You will be the romantic lead in the manga love story and be partnered with a moĂ©. A Japanese slang term for “that special, heart-melting feeling you get when you see an adorable female character”. Brace yourself though coz sometimes the character will call you a “fatty”.

Price: 2.60 USD
Platforms: iOS and Android

  • interactive, fun and enjoyable
  • you can earn Moevation Points to unlock bonuses and story mode
  • it uses a sensor to register your movements
  • 800 voiced lines of dialogue with 15 episodes that increase in difficulty

Do you have a fitness app on your phone? If you don’t have it yet, it’s worth checking the apps listed above. Make sure that you set your own fitness goal and maintain a pace that’s right for you. Be the best version of yourself! You can do it! 🙂


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