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Dive all year round in Planet Dive Anilao


Coconuts lining the beach, turquoise waters that kiss the shorelines, a number of underwater paradise that’s just a dive away, and a cozy resort packed all in one, – if you fancy this sort of stress reliever, then you should pack up your things, drive (or take a bus) passing through SLEX, head to the Nudribranch Capital of the World, Anilao, Batangas and follow the road going to San Teodoro, Mabini to reach Planet Dive.

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What is Planet Dive? What would I expect to see there?

Planet Dive is among the premier Batangas Diving Resorts that you could ever go to. It’s very famous for its scuba center where even diving beginners could readily pick up a trick or two and for its proximity to beautiful diving spots.

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There are approximately 30 diving spots that you could readily go to once you stay here. So if by chance you want to have the ultimate Batangas Diving experience where you’d get to marvel at the vastness and greatness of the underwater world, then you should head in this Diving Resort. Anilao may have plenty of Diving resorts but Planet Dive is among the most loved choices.

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Planet Dive takes pride in the skills and experience of their diving instructors who are all very approachable and generous in teaching you a couple of the essentials of diving and since not everyone have their own diving gears you can just rent your own set of diving gears here.

Planet Dive Batangas, Philippines

What if I don’t like diving? Is there anything else I could do here?

Yes, of course. Although the terrain of the place isn’t really beach friendly, the resort management have tons of activities that you could do, so if you are you’re coming along with your family or friends and they ditch you for diving, then fret not because you’d still get to witness the beauty of Batangas above water, while reading your favorite book comfortably in either of their 16 Cabanas and 2 Villas that are furnished with all the necessities that a traveler would need.

Planet Dive Resort

You can choose from their 4 different kinds of rooms namely Olive Green Cottage, Yellow Cottage, Orange Cottage, Light Blue Cottage and Brown Cottage. Some of these rooms come with outdoor bathroom, so if you are into that kind of stuff, then you may ask which room would be better for you.  The resort also has its own restaurant and they serve great food to match with the ambiance.

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Whether you just came here to witness the beauty of Batangas above water, or you came to explore what lies underneath the sea, Planet Dive is the best in Anilao. Dive with ease and have a relaxing stay-cation to let off some steam from all the hurly burly of the city and experience nature any time of the year here at Planet Dive.

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What if I get bored when all my friends go for a dive and I get stuck in the room?

Well, it’s never too late to try diving too because you can have diving lessons with Pink Turtle Dive Tour. They have a great package that includes the lessons (take note you get to be a certified diver once you pass), lunch buffet, and more. You’d get to be a part of their adventure together with fellow newbies and diving enthusiasts. Who knows you’d fall in love with diving too?

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What happens after when I fall in love with diving?

Well then, you should share your memories and experiences and encourage more of your non-diving friends to plunge into the deep ocean. Happy Planet diving everyone!

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