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Strength Through Community: CrossFit LiftHard Philippines


Got 3 hours a week? Are you bored with your usual gym workout? Are you still not getting the results you’re looking for? With LiftHard Philippines’ innovative MetCon classes (CrossFit), FitCamp (total body program), sensational group atmosphere, and well-experienced coaches – 3 hours a week is all you need to get in the best shape of your life. Does this sound like an infomercial? If you answered yes, you probably haven’t joined the fastest-growing strength and conditioning program known as CrossFit.

CrossFit plays a big part of my workout routine for almost 3 years now. What I like about CrossFit is the unique form of camaraderie that is so powerful. You join a fun community and make new friends who encourage you to live a healthy lifestyle and help you push your boundaries.

Manila Crossfit Gyms

Fitness Programs

The LiftHard FitCamp is a program, designed to give a total body workout and improve overall fitness level in the shortest time possible. Expect running, athletic drills, body weight exercises, plyometrics drills, and a lot functional movements for 60 minutes.

The LiftHard MetCon Metabolic Conditioning (CrossFit) classes are programmed to develop well-rounded fitness and athleticism by constantly changing variables like exercise movement types, intensity duration, and technical demands. We take elements of Weightlifting, Powerlifting & Gymnastics and mix it up to provide excellent strength and metabolic conditioning that is suited for both the beginner and advanced athletes.The workload for the class is scaled and modified to each member’s individual level.

The Barbell Club If you want to improve your strength and develop your lifting techniques, this class is good for you. They have this individualized program tailored to specific strength goals.

Crossfit to be fit not skinny

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CrossFit LiftHard Review

My best friend and I visited their box in Pasig a few weeks ago. It’s kinda hard to find because you have to enter a narrow road from the main avenue. When we got there, the security guard asked us if we’re going to attend a gymnastic class. My friend and I looked at each other and I realized that maybe he was talking about the handgrips that are similar to gymnastics. I smiled and said “Yeah”. He said the gym is on the 2nd floor. When we entered the room, we were surprised how spacious the gym was. You can literally move around and do your 200 metres run from one end to another.

We approached the reception desk, coaches Louise and Ken greeted us with a smile. They asked us to fill out a form with medical and fitness questionnaires (stuff like if we have injuries/surgery in the past, fitness goals: losing weight, building muscle, developing strength etc.). After signing, coach Ramil called out attention and introduced us to the class. He guided us through the warm up exercise, skill work, the Workout of the Day (WOD) and cool down.

The Verdict: We like it! The workout was so intense, it feels like I burned over 500 calories in just one session. It’s tiring but not exhausting. Coach Ramil was full of energy and he makes sure that we have the correct form when doing a specific workout. The hardest part of the program was the pull ups. I can’t do it but I’m working on it. Good thing they have resistance pull ups bands for beginners. I also like the scoring system they have on the whiteboard, scaling helps so you can see how much you improved over time. Now I know why they like using the famous hashtag #onepercentbetter … If you improve one percent a day, then in 100 days, guess what? You’re 100 percent better. (coach Carter)

Meet the Trainers

LiftHard PH

Coach Ken Tan A passionate coach that believes that fitness can change your life. He believes that having fun while putting in consistent work is key to becoming better than yesterday. * Head Coach of LiftHard PH * Has been involved in multiple sports (including American Football, Track and Field, and Swimming) * Started CrossFit in 2011 * Turned passion into a career. Studied Architecture but decided to pursue a career in fitness. * Specializes in Weightlifting * CrossFit L1 Trainer, Crossfit Gymnastics, USAW Level 1

Coach Louise Calderon-Tan Dedicated to empower and inspire LiftHard athletes (especially women) to reach their fitness goals. She believes in keeping active right through pregnancy and practices what she preaches, training right up to the day before giving birth to her little boy (she is now 12 weeks postpartum and already back training and coaching at LiftHard). * Only female coach at LiftHard Ph * High School Basketball Varsity * Started CrossFit in 2012 * CrossFit L1 Trainer

Coach Ramil Javier The intensity he brings to the box reflects his absolute investment in our athletes’ evolution. He is devoted to helping athletes better understand their limitations in the pursuit of realizing their true potential. * Karate Black belt since 2011 (Bronze medal winner of 2011 Philippine National Games)* Crossfit since 2012* Raw powerlifting competitor

Coach Gyle Geñoso Coach Gyle’s main focus for any athlete is constant development on their journey with LiftHard. You can expect him to push you to limits you didn’t think were possible and occasionally surprise yourself with what you are able to accomplish.

* Taekwondo UAAP gold medalist (2009, 2010, 2012)* Taekwondo RP team (ASEAN Silver medalist in Thailand 2009 and 2011)* CrossFit since 2013* Affiliate Alliance weightlifting silver medalist 2015

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The best things in life are FREE. Drop by for a free trial. LiftHard PH gives you the opportunity to experience their exceptional CrossFit and weight training workouts. Just text +639176427425 to reserve a slot today.
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LiftHard Philippines

Address: 155 Dr. Sixto Antonio Ave, Pasig, Metro Manila, Philippines

Contact number: +639176427425


“Strong is the new skinny. Strong is beautiful.”


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