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SandBox Rates and Review


The SandBox at Alviera in Porac, Pampanga is a must-see for all outdoor lovers. It is an outdoor network of roller coaster zipline, giant swings, aerial walk, rappelling, wall climbing, free fall, ATV/UTV rides, and outdoor archery. The park is suitable for ages seven to adult. Sandbox is open 6 days a week, Tuesday to Sunday 9AM until 5PM. I suggest you arrive early coz there’s a limited capacity for each attraction. Like for example in “Aerial Walk Challenge”, we weren’t able to try it out coz the receptionist said they already reached the quota or park capacity ’til 5PM.

sandbox pampanga

SandBox Activity Rates 2016

Sandbox Entrance Fee -Php 100

Giant Swing- Php 150

Aerial Walk – Php 250

Free Fall – Php 100

Rappel Wall – Php 100

Wall Climbing – Php 100

Roller Coaster Zipline – Php 150

Outdoor Archery (Regular) -Php 300 (Aqtiv) Php 150

ATV -Php 2500 per hour


Package A: (Php 750) Entrance fee, Giant Swing, Aerial Walk, Free Fall, Rappel Wall, Wall Climbing, Roller Coaster Zipline

Package B: (Php 500) Entrance fee, Giant Swing, Rappel Wall, Wall Climbing, Roller Coaster Zipline

Package C: (Php 450) Entrance fee, Giant Swing, Free Fall, Roller Coaster Zipline

Package D: (Php 700) Entrance fee, Giant Swing, Roller Coaster Zipline, Free Fall, Regular Archery, Aqtiv Archery

sandbox alviera

The Roller Coaster Zipline is the best attraction for me since I enjoy the feeling of flying. Just a tip, you have to extend your arms and hold onto the rope above you so you won’t twist your body while moving. I saw a lot of kids holding to the rope as if they have body odor and trying to cover their armpits. This trick won’t work. You have to widen your arms and fly.

sandbox rates

Wall climbing without gloves and proper shoes won’t get you nowhere. All my friends except for one we’re able to reach the top. Either he has ninja skills or he was a monkey in his past life, you’ll never know. But kidding aside, dusting your hands with chalk or sand will help you move up.

Sandbox Archery

Aerial Walk Philippines

We weren’t able to try the Aerial Walk coz the park reached it’s maximum capacity that day. My cousin who tried it before told me that it’s the best activity in SandBox in her opinion. Probably when we go back it’s gonna be the first thing I will try for sure. I’m not feeling the archery since I’m bad at aiming. If I have Katniss Everdeen’s talent, probably I won’t hesitate to hit all the targets. =)

Giant Swing in Philippines

The Giant swing is only scary when the operator is pulling you up. Once the rope is released, you will just go with it and enjoy the BIG swing. I think it’s better if you just watch this video I uploaded on youtube so you’ll see what I’m talking about:


How to get to SandBox Pampanga?

Commute to SandBox:

  1. Take a bus going to Dau, Pampanga and get off at Dau Bus Terminal.
  2. From Dau, take a jeep going to SM Clark.
  3. From SM Clark, take another jeep going to Porac and ask the driver to drop you off at Alviera SandBox.

Via private transpo:

  1. SandBox is 1.5 hours away from Quezon City. Accessible via NLEX and SCTEX then exit at Porac.
  2.  To make it easier, use Waze or Google map. Here’s a map from their website:

how to get to SandBox

Things to Bring in SandBox:

  • sunblock lotion
  • baseball cap or snapback hats for rappers
  • sneakers
  • extra shirt or dry-fit (I’m telling you this now-you will sweat a big time)

Helpful things you need to know while in SandBox

  1. Free Parking, they observe the “Park at your own risk policy”.
  2. You can’t bring food and beverages inside the park. If you have a car, bring some snacks with you and eat it there.
  3. Tickets are valid from the day of purchase only. If you’re under 18 years old, an adult or guardian must sign the waiver for you.
  4. Kids below 4 feet in height are not allowed to use any of the attractions, therefore, your kid must be tall. If they are less than 4 feet, don’t bring them there.
  5. Queuing or waiting in line is part of every Filipino life in the Philippines. Don’t push, bump or cut in lines. Just bring a book/tablet with you to kill time.
  6. Be courteous to everyone inside the park.
  7. Wear a comfortable attire. When I was there, I saw a girl wearing a one-piece swimsuit, denim shorts and sandals. That is sexy but uncomfortable. I recommend cotton shirt or dry-fit shirt, shorts and sneakers.
  8. Follow the directions on all activities to avoid injuries. You don’t want to go home with a broken leg or arm.
  9. Keep your tickets with you at all times. You need it if you will re-enter.
  10. Tickets are non-transferable, non-exchangeable, non-refundable.
  11. They have designated smoking areas. This is ‘hooray’ for smokers and ‘booyah’ for your lungs.
  12.  Don’t sell or distribute stuff inside the park. Do it somewhere else.
  13. SandBox might ask you to leave the park if you misbehave. They won’t give refunds so better behave.
  14. If you incur any damages, pay for it.
  15.  They might change the operating hours due to booked events, weather, population control, etc. So I highly recommend that you call or email them first before going there.
  16. SandBox is not pet-friendly. Leave your babies at home.
  17. You can’t use your gadgets in Aerial Walk, Giant Swing and Adventure Tower.

Additional info:

You may contact SandBox at

phone: 0917-803-3099

landline: (045) 432-0014



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