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Top 10 Filipino Fitness Bloggers to Follow in 2016


What do you do when you’re struggling for fitness inspiration? You go on Instagram and search for the following hashtags, correct? #fitness #workout #fitfam #justdoit #fitspiration #beachbody #abs and the lists go on… But what about for people who wants more information rather than ogling at ripped bodies? These blogs got you covered. I compiled a list of top fitness bloggers in the Philippines (in my opinion of course), they have fantastic fitness content on the web and they will inspire you to be a healthier you.

Please note that these lists are not in order so don’t mind the numbers, it’s just a guide so you know where you’re at when reading the list. I included a short info about them, their social media accounts, and one article that I like that is worth reading.

If I miss anything, please leave a comment below.

Top 10 Fitness Blogs to Follow in 2016

Heussaff1. The Fat Kid Inside 

Founded by Erwan Heussaff – Erwan has gone from being unhealthy and overweight kiddo to having a “fab bod”. He spent tireless hours of working out and of course eating the right food.

My favorite post: A 7 Day Plan and all my Weight Management Posts

Social Media Profiles: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube 


2. Takbo Ph

Founded by Jinoe M Gavan- Jinoe is a running enthusiast who writes about running events, latest news, running tips and product reviews. One of his blog mission is to promote running in the Philippines to a wider audience and unite all Pinoy runners.

My favorite post: How fit are you? Try this Cooper Test

Social Media Profiles: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

lo3. Pinoy Fitness

Founded by Jeff Lo- Jeff is a search engine optimization expert, IT/development manager who eventually got into running and fitness. He likes to influence people to do better.

My favorite post: Run Faster by Losing Weight

Social Media Profiles: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

De Guzman4. Kikay Runner

Founded by Noelle De Guzman- Noelle is a recreational runner who’s interested in sports science and likes to look good while running fast. She’s also a freelance writer and content marketer, some of her articles were published in Philippine Daily Inquirer.

My favorite post: 10 Reasons You Need To Run Now

Social Media Profiles: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

Torres5. Pretty Darn Fit

Founded by Nikki Torres- Nikki is a Yoga Teacher and the creator of NT Sweat (Toning + Dance Cardio Workout). Her blog is full of tips and tricks to lead a balanced lifestyle.

My favorite post: Pocket Workout: Bikini Bottom Butt

Social Media Profiles: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

Nicolas6. Health Junkie

Founded by Tonette Nicolas- Tonette is a health nerd, licensed Zumba instructor, wellness advocate and co-founder of fund-raising community called “The Gentle Warriors”.

My favorite post: Nike Training Club: Be Better For It Wth NTC APP and Workouts

Social Media Profiles: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

Golangco7. Little Running Teacher

Founded by Cheryl Golangco- Cheryl is a passionate preschool teacher, running enthusiast and article contributor in an online magazine called “When in Manila”.

My favorite post: Daily’s Diet: Counting the Right Kind of Calories

Social Media Profiles: Twitter and Facebook

Pizarro8. The Bull Runner

Founded by Jaymie Pizarro- Jaymie is a supermom, motivational speaker, product endorser, graphic designer and certified Health Coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York.

My favorite post: 5 Ways to Squeeze a Workout into Your Busy Life

Social Media Profiles: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

medina9. Lift Style

Founded by Kelly Medina- Kelly is a fitness junkie, fashion enthusiast, social media specialist, celebrity stylist and a freelance host.

My favorite post: 5 Tips to kickstart you 2016 Fitness Goals

Social Media Profiles: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

Mirasol10. Idea Crib

Founded by Patricia Mirasol- Patricia is a health media professional, freelance writer and a registered nurse. Her work has appeared in several publications, including When In Manila and Women’s Health Philippines.

My favorite post: What is active recovery? Do I need it?

Social Media Profiles: Twitter and Facebook

Now it’s your turn

There you have it, 10 fitness blogs to follow this 2016.  I barely scratched the surface of great fitness bloggers in the Philippines. Hopefully you’ve found a new blog or two to connect with your health and fitness journey! Who is your favorite? Add a comment below and spread some love.


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