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50 Inspiring Travel Tattoos for Travel Addicts


The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.

-Saint Augustine

People who consider travel as their passion will agree with that quote. Most travelers would visit different countries because they wanna see something new. Get out of their comfort zone and do adventurous stuff. As for me, I enjoy traveling because I want to learn about different cultures, discover a new purpose and inspire people I meet along the road.

I’m so obsessed with traveling that I ended up getting a travel-related tattoo with my best friend! For those who don’t have inked yet, I’m telling you… Ribcage tattoo is super painful. Other people will find it tolerable, but other people who have high-level of pain tolerance find it ticklish. Last month, I accompanied my cousin to get her first tat. She said it’s not painful at all, it was ticklish! Unbelievable!

Travel tattoos have different meanings depending on the person you ask. The most common are maps, coordinates, compass, globe, suitcase, airplane, sailboat, hot air balloon or script words like “wanderlust” or “explore”. I got a small paper plane tattoo coz I’m a travel writer and I have a strong passion for travel.

Here are some travel tattoo designs that will inspire you to travel more:

Click on the photos below to zoom it.

hot air balloon tattoos


anchor tattoo


airplane tattoo


postage stamps tattoo


coconut tree tattoo


luggage tattoo


sunnies tattoos


wave tatoo


coordinates tattoo


hot air balloon tats


luggage tats


anchor tats


plane tattoo


mountain tattoo


summer tattoo


mountain tattoo


camera tattoo


heart airplane tattoo


heart beat plane tattoo


travel tattoo


explore tattoo


globe tattoo


sail boat tattoo


coordinates tattoo


world tattoo


world tats


summer tattoo


compass tattoo


coconut tattoo


compass and waves tatoo


paper plane tats


map and compass tattoo


small airplane tattoos


small plane tats


aeroplane tattoo


map tattoo


compass tats


compass tattoo


map tats


coordinates tattoos


travel tattoo design


explore script tattoo


map tats


pirate ship tattoo


wanderlust feet tats


dream catcher tattoo


compass tattoo


ribcage ship tattoo


arm wanderlust tattoo


hot air balloon leg tattoo


Final tips

Choose wisely and do your research about your tattoo placement, artist, and design. As my mentor always tell me when making a big decision about anything, “Sleep on it”. Give yourself some time to make sure you’re happy with your choices. Spontaneity is good, but getting a permanent ink is a BIG decision to make. Make sure that you’re in the right mind and for the right reasons for yourself. If it’s what you really want, go for it! 😉



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