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15 Things to do in Boracay this 2017


Boracay ranks 2nd on TripAdvisor’s list of Asia’s Top 25 beaches. What does it take to be on top? The beach should be serene, mesmerizing, scenic and calm. In other words, it should be spectacular. Over a 12-month period, TripAdvisor gathered traveler’s reviews and ratings on their website to determine the award winners. Since I’m from the Philippines, let’s discuss what Boracay has to offer.

This is how they described Boracay:

With turquoise waters “fringed by coconut palm trees” and powdery sand, White Beach is a must-visit for travellers to Boracay. From parasailing, helmet diving and paddle boarding, the beach is full of activities for the adventurous traveller. Beachgoers can also “enjoy a drink and watch the world go by” at one of the many nearby restaurants.

I’ve been there many times, and I tell you what? Every year, there’s always something new about that island. Best time to go is from December to May. If you want to see people from all around the world, fly there from November to February. If you want to chill with the locals, fly around March to May.

Anyways, let’s take a look at the exciting activities we can do there:

15 Things to do in Boracay this 2017

1.) Mermaid Swimming lessons

Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy, Boracay


Do you wanna be a Disney princess for one day? Be a Little Mermaid like Ariel in Boracay! You can have private swimming lessons at the Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy to fulfill your childhood dream of being a mermaid.

Choose a colorful tail and have a 30-minute photo shoot for that fairytale experience. A private mermaid swimming lesson is only Php 3,200 for 1 / Php 2,200 each for 2 / Php 2,000 for 3 or more.

2.) Helicopter Beach Tour

Boracay Helicopter Tours


If you wish to see the stunning landscape of Boracay in aerial view, you can book the 10-minute helicopter tour! It’s reasonably priced, only Php 4,300 per person and you’ll be able to capture birds-eye view photos for your Instagram or Snapchat.

Bring your GoPro or DSLR with you so you can take lotsa pics of Bora and outlying islands like Crystal Cove Island, Crocodile Island and Panay Island. Time to tick it off your bucket list my friend!

3.) Island Hopping

island hopping

Don’t ever miss this activity if you’re going to Boracay. They will bring you to Puka beach, Magic Island, Crocodile Island and other popular tourist destinations! The rate is only Php 1,200 per person and the tour would last for approximately 5 hours.

You can snorkel around the island or just chill out on the beach while sipping your buko or coco water. Rap like O.T. Genasis, “I’m in love with the coco (coco, coco)”

4.) Breakfast at The Sunny Side Cafe

pancakes The Sunny Side Cafe Boracay


Their food is so good!!! Mango grilled cheese sandwich, eggs benedict, burger, and best pancakes everrr!  Nomnom! They have a generous portion that you can share with 2-3 people. It’s located on station 3 so if you’re staying at Station 1 or 2, you will have to walk all the way there, good walk then good food. You know what I mean?!

You will appreciate the theme of the resto if you’re a happy person: everything is bright and cheesy. And also, it’s right in front of the beach. Chill vibe. Just amazing!

5.) See aerial views of Boracay with Parasailing

book Parasailing in Boracay


Soar in the sky like wild eagles! If you have fear of heights, overcome it with parasailing. It’s like flying a kite, you’ll be the kite and the boat is the handler. The boat will pull you from behind and you will fly like a butterfly in a colorful parachute!

A 15-minute ride will only cost you Php 2,000 but if you wanna do it with a friend, it’s only Php 1,500 per person. The tour guide usually takes your photos from the boat or you can simply wear your action cam on your head.

6.) Visit Willy’s Rock

Willy's Rock Grotto Boracay


If you Googled “Boracay”, you probably saw this iconic rock formation in search results page. It’s considered the most photographed landmark in Boracay. It’s a castle-like volcanic formation with a grotto of the statue of the Virgin Mary.

I recommend that you go early like 6 AM because it gets crowded at sunset during peak season. And also, it’s accessible when it’s low tide. But if you do not mind getting wet while climbing the stairs, my gosh, go for it!

7.) Get a Massage

Mandala Spa


Pamper yourself after a tiring day. There’s a gazillion number of spa centers on Boracay island. I highly recommend Mandala Day Spa, Tirta Spa or Bella Isa. They will make you feel like a queen or king for a day. Get a spa package or a full body massage then finish off with a milky bath. You will feel refreshed after your treatment.

Mandala Day Spa’s package called “Boracay Bliss” is worth Php7,400++ for 3 hours and 30 minutes. If you want a regular massage, go for ala carte.

8.) Shop at D’Mall

d'mall boracay


Shop ’til you drop or simply explore the colorful D’ Mall. It’s located between station 1 and 2, you can chill in one of the coffee shops there and people watch if you got nothing else to do. You can also shop around but the price is a bit steep compared to the local market.

D’mall is like a one-stop shop in Boracay. They have a tiny supermarket, money changers, internet cafe, coffee shops, restaurants, travel and tour offices, eyewear stores, ATM, mini park, and so on.

9.) Scuba Diving

Planet Dive Batangas, Philippines

If you want to have fun underwater, explore the marine life and see Nemo, then you should try scuba diving. It’s safe to dive in Boracay because the dive masters are expert in their field and they’re all PADI certified. If you have zero experience with scuba diving, that’s okay. You can try the open water or discover scuba diving for only Php 2,800.

10.) Pub Crawl

pub crawl boracay price


If you’re into bar hopping, then this is perfect for you! You’ll meet amazing people from around the globe and get to know them by playing “get to know you” games. There will be a lot of tumbler cocktails, shooters, booze, and more booze.

You can turn strangers into friends or do networking if you’re into marketing. For only Php1,190 you will get a Boracay PubCrawl T-shirt, 10 shooters, bar hopping to 5 bars, and a hangover. 😉

11.) Cliff Diving at Ariel’s Point

cliff dive boracay


If it scares you, then you should convince yourself to give it a try. They have nine different diving boards and platforms ranging from 10 feet to 50 feet high. If you don’t know how to swim, it’s alright because lifeguards are there to save you just in case you don’t float above water.

This activity will cost you Php 2,800 which includes outrigger boat to and from Ariel’s Point, barbeque lunch buffet, and other water sports like kayaking, stand up paddle

12.) Go Helmet Diving

If you want your Boracay trip to be memorable, don’t skip this water activity! You will be surprised how amazing it is if you’re underwater. It’s like the heaven version here on earth, fishes are so tame as if they are flying with their tails.

The tour guide will also take a photo and video of your group so will have

13.) Paraw Sailing

para boracay


This is probably one of the unique things you should try if you’re going to Boracay. Imagine yourself sailing like a captain of a local traditional sail boat. Pulling the ropes as you let the wind take you to that stunning view of the sunset. It’s so damn beautiful…

For those of you who don’t know, a Paraw is a double outrigger sailboat native to the Visayas region of the Philippines. You and your friends can rent one for only Php2,000. 1 boat can hold up to 10 people.

14.) Play beach volleyball

beach volleyball boracay

Make new friends and join the most thrilling beach volleyball games in Boracay. It happens every year in promotion of fitness and travel. Boracay Beach Volleyball Open (BBVO) has been bringing together more than 120 players from all over the world to play at this prestigious volleyball event for the past five years.

If you’ll be in Boracay this November 17 to 19, please check them out at the Beachfront of Marzon Beach Resort.

15.) Mainland Adventures Tour

off-boracay adventure


If the above activities weren’t enough for you, go to a natural eco-park in Malay. You can try river tubing, trekking, waterfall exploration, cave tour, coconut wine tasting, bonfire, etc.

This whole day activity is only Php 1600 per head, lunch is also included.

There you have it guys, I hope these exciting activities to do in Boracay will help you plan your travel adventure and make your stay on the island a 5-star experience!


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