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2015 Travel-related Bucket List Ideas


wanderlust quotes It’s been 2 months since I wrote something on this blog. So I guess in order to make it up for my absence in blogosphere, I decided to share my 100 travel-related bucket list ideas for 2015. Live your best life man!

  1. Ride the Trans-Siberian Railway
  2. Watch northern light in Iceland
  3. Visit the Enchanted River in Surigao
  4. Visit Glowworm Cave – Waitomo, New Zealand
  5. Scuba diving in Thailand
  6. Watch stars at Galloway Forest Park – Scotland
  7. Bunjee jump from Contra Dam, Switzerland
  8. Jump with a parachute from a cliff.
  9. Birdwatching at Manu National Park.
  10. Sit over cliffs of Moher, Ireland
  11. Ride Jet Ski at Miami beach.
  12. Attend a Holi festival in India
  13. Participate in bull running in Spain
  14. Shop in Dubai Mall
  15. Attend an Oscar award ceremony in LA
  16. Watch a football match in Brazil
  17. Ride a roller coaster in Disney land
  18. Attend a concert in Paris
  19. Buy a wizard wand from Harry Potter Land- London
  20. Attend some classes in Howard University.
  21. Fly a lantern on the Great Wall of China.
  22. Fish in Arabian Sea.
  23. Take selfies on Niagara Falls
  24. Appreciate the flowers in Batanes, Philippines
  25. Watch fireworks on London bridge
  26. Cook food with master chef Australia
  27. Skydive in Sydney
  28. Eat sandwiches from Lima, Peru
  29. Donate to Ghana.
  30. Boat rafting Dalaman River, Turkey
  31. Be one of the audience in X-Factor US
  32. Walk barefooted on beach of Switzerland
  33. Explore the world’s largest cave in Hang Son Doong, Vietnam
  34. Listen to music on dry leaves in New York park
  35. Sunbathe in Myrtle beach South Carolina
  36. Drive a race car in Mexico.
  37. Fly a kite in Bali, Indonesia
  38. Arrow shooting in Las Vegas or at World Archery Festival
  39. Watch a movie in Hollywood
  40. Stroll in Batu caves, Malaysia
  41. Dinner with someone in Local 360 Café & Bar
  42. Participate in Halloween Nights in Florida
  43. Sit on a hill at the Grand Canyon, US
  44. Climb Mt. Kinabalu in Malaysia
  45. Take care of the Elephants in Burma (Myanmar)  for 1 whole day
  46.  Eat street food in Seoul, Korea
  47. Go clubbing in Antwerp and learn about their music history
  48. Watch the movie, “When in Bruges” in Bruges.
  49. Heli ski in Telluride Colorado
  50. Horse riding at a beach
  51. Watch a performance in the Opera house in Sydney
  52. See the great view in Torres del Paine, Chile
  53. Ride a boat at Venice canal then get lost in the city
  54. See “Christ the Redeemer” up close in Rio de Janeiro, brazil
  55. See a rainbow at Iguacu Falls, South America
  56. Dance at Oktoberfest, Munich
  57. Volunteer for mars mission one.
  58. Visit Taj Mahal, India
  59. Go on top of the Eiffel Tower, France
  60. Take lotsa photos at Machu Picchu, Peru
  61. Walk lazily on the great wall of China
  62. Swim in Bora Bora
  63. Hike in Mount Fuji in Japan
  64. Cycles de visites at the Louvre, France
  65. Visit Angkor Wat, Cambodia
  66. Check out the Berlin Wall in Germany
  67. Take surfing lessons in Hawaii
  68. Relax at Maldives island
  69. Get drunk in Langkawi Island
  70. Visit Alaska to watch snow
  71. Explore Fraser Island
  72. Eat Lechon in Cebu, Philippines
  73. Attend a mass at the Vatican from Papal Pope
  74.  Skywalk in French Alps
  75. Trek at Yosemite National Park
  76. Climb the largest Balete tree in Asia
  77. Enjoy the view of Trolltunga rock in Norway
  78. Ice Climb a frozen waterfall
  79. Skywalk in Mount Nimbus, Canada
  80. Have a dinner at sky Brussels
  81. Edgewalk in Toronto
  82. Scream something in the empty Wembley stadium
  83. Throw tomatoes at the La Tomatina festival, Spain
  84. Attend a New Year’s parade in London
  85. Feed an ostrich in Africa
  86. Enjoy Laksa in Singapore
  87. Try the world’s biggest swing in New Zealand
  88. Go to world’s biggest salt flat, Salar de Uyuni Bolivia
  89. Snorkel in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef
  90. Stand in front of Giza’s Pyramid
  91. See 2 continents in one city in Istanbul
  92. Take pictures of Polar bears in Norway
  93. Spend a night camp at Sahara desert
  94. See the great migration of animals in the Masai Mara
  95. Take a selfie at the mysterious Stonehenge
  96. Enjoy the sunrise over Bagan, Central Burma
  97. Watch the moon in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge
  98. Learn to make sushi in Japan
  99. Dance crazily in Rio Carnival
  100. Take a dip in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon

just do itI guess that’s it for now, I will add more if I see anything I like. Bye awesome people! TRAVEL, LIVE, DREAM…


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