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Bohol Beach Club Day Pass Review


It’s my second time to visit Bohol Beach Club, (the first one was way back in 2011) and the main reason why I kept coming back was because of the exceptional service of the hotel staff and the cleanliness of the resort. According to the waiter, they renovated the resort last 2014 and sold the other half to South Palms Resort.

bohol beach club day pass

My partner and I stayed in Bohol for five days doing strenuous activities. So on our fourth day, we decided to relax and work on our computers. The resort has good internet connection. But when we were there, we experienced power outage two times. Anyhoo, it doesn’t matter coz we were able to do what we have to do.

bohol beach club day tour

Day Tour Rates

We paid Php600 per head and used Php450 for food and drinks in their restaurant. Technically, the entrance fee is only 150 coz 450 is consumable, good deal right? We ordered Asian salad and halo-halo. It was delicioso! 🙂

bohol beach club menu

Lunch at Bohol Beach Club


After working online, we decided to workout by doing 20 laps in their pool (freestyle and breaststroke). I challenged my partner for a race, he was so competitive! I cheated, of course, coz I forgot to remove my false eyelashes! They were dripping wet, it was hilarious! Haha! I look crazy, but I don’t care coz I was happy. :-p

Then there were these 3 Korean dudes (feeling K-pop), one of them took a plunge without taking a shower first. So I’m like, “Okay… Odi ikaw na!” (you already! It’s your time to shine Song Joong Ki!) They began swimming like tadpoles then the lifeguard whistled to them! “Hey, you! Shoes!!!”

OMGGGG! Si kuya naka-shoes! Ane beh! Nakakaloka! (I’m like, “Seriously? Why would you wear sneakers while swimming in the pool?) Well, that’s his style. I should be minding my own business. But anyways, I just find it funny, so I wanted to share it. 🙂

south palms resort bohol

We walked around the beach and took lotsa photos (maybe I don’t have to Photoshop it coz they already look great). They have white hammocks by the shore that you can use to take a nap or just sit on it while reading a good book. I’m not so sure though if it’s free of charge, I overheard it’s Php200 if you wanna use it but the guard on duty didn’t bother to ask for payment, so I’m assuming it’s free. Just act busy, so he won’t go near you. The best things in life are free!!! 🙂

list of bohol beaches

Oh, by the way, you can also rent a beach towel near the pool area. Just deposit Php250 then return it to the resort staff after. After doing a series of laps like Michael Phelps (ahem!), we decided to go back to the resto and use up our balance from the consumables. We ordered something “healthy,” crispy pata and mixed seafood vegetable with crunchy noodles. We ended up paying more coz we went over our balance but that’s okay, it was worth it. 🙂

Bohol Beach Club Day Tour

crispy pata with fried sweet potatoes… pampabata!

mixed vegetables

If you get bored chillin’ in their comfortable lounge chairs, you can also try some aqua sports activities that Bohol Beach Club offer:

Diving Services (PADI Certified)
Trial Dive
Licensing courses
Island Dives
Night Dive

Aquasports Activities
7 seater banana boat
Pedal Bikes (4 seater Water Bee and 2 seater Barracuda)
Solo and Tandem Kayaks
Fish Feeding
Glass Bottom Boat Tour
Island Hopping
Dolphin Sight-Seeing Tour
Swimming with Whale Sharks
Speed Boat and Outrigger Boat Rental
Hobie Cat Rental

bohol beach resorts

panglao beach resorts list

We’d still go back even if the receptionist was not helpful

Day tour pass is until 6 PM only. Since we had an early dinner at their restaurant, we finished pass six. The main gate is like 15-20 minutes walk from the lobby so we asked the receptionist if she can request for a ride to Alona Beach. She told us to wait. Fifteen minutes later, a car drove in.

We stood up thinking that was our ride. The Korean dude who swam in the pool with sneakers on took the car! The receptionist said it’s hotel service. So where’s our car? We were the first one who asked for it. She gave us an eye, as if looking down on us. She was rude! Frustrated enough, my partner and I decided to walk out.

Still Feeling Blessed!

There were no lights on the road, the only light was the moon. Big trees and tall grasses were making noises as the wind blows through it. I’m thankful for that day coz my partner and I was happy. Our day was productive coz we were able to use their wifi to work online, exercise together, ate great meals and we had FUN! 🙂

Bohol Beach Club review

Me and my babe

If you want to contact Bohol Beach Club, you can check out their details below:

Address: Bo. Bolod, Panglao, Bohol
Phone: (63-38) 502-9222
Globe: 0927-452-7054, Smart: 0999-992-1880, Sun: 0923-250-7828

List of other nice resorts in Bohol:

  1. Henann Resort Alona Beach
  2. The Bellevue Resort Bohol
  3. Amorita Resort


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