siquijor things to do

Jumping off a cliff in Siquijor

I jumped off a 35-foot cliff, got hurt pretty badly, but grew some balls. Before you start reading, I must warn ya’ll... This post contains a graphic image that may not be suitable for some audiences. If you have...

traveling solo

The Joy of Traveling Solo

Some people are just scared to travel solo because they’re not comfortable navigating a new city or country on their own. Well, I tell you what, you shouldn’t be afraid because the world is more open than ever to...

1 week in Bali

One Week in Bali

If you only have one week vacation in Bali, where would you go? I know that's not enough time to explore the "Island of the Gods", but lemme show you how I spent seven days in that remarkable, magical...

canggu beach

My First Workaway Experience in Bali, Indonesia

Just like what I mentioned in my previous article, I will share my first experience with Workaway.info on this post. For those who don't know what Workaway is, it is an organization where you could volunteer worldwide and have...

what to wear in Bali

What to pack for Bali trip?

Bali, Indonesia is rich in natural attractions, culture, and history. It is perfect for wanderers who are looking for great surfing spots, yoga retreat houses, villas and inner peace. The cost of living is relatively cheap; 1 USD is equal...

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