How to Get a Bigger Butt in a Week

How to get a big booty naturally?

Booties. A big beautiful badonkadonk. Shake that tush, they would jiggle  Bum, butt, ass, buns, glutes, patootie Whatever you wanna call it, girls want it big. Bubble butt. Babble. Babble. Pwet! Whit’s Bringing Fit Earlier today, I...

bikram yoga manila

Bikram Yoga Manila Review

Ever since I signed up wit KFit, I've been doing different types of workout every other day (if I'm not lazy). There's this one good workout that I enjoy the most and got me hooked, it's called Bikram Yoga. It...

crossfit gym in manila

Strength Through Community: CrossFit LiftHard Philippines

Got 3 hours a week? Are you bored with your usual gym workout? Are you still not getting the results you’re looking for? With LiftHard Philippines' innovative MetCon classes (CrossFit), FitCamp (total body program), sensational group atmosphere, and well-experienced...

fun fitness app

5 Best Fitness Apps that are so fun to use

Work, work, work, work, work! Rihanna's new song is hella catchy! It encourages everybody to workout. You don't think so? Well, maybe these fun fitness apps might help your body get ready for beach season. :) 1. Nexercise -...

filipino fitness blogs

Top 10 Filipino Fitness Bloggers to Follow in 2016

What do you do when you're struggling for fitness inspiration? You go on Instagram and search for the following hashtags, correct? #fitness #workout #fitfam #justdoit #fitspiration #beachbody #abs and the lists go on... But what about for people who wants...

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