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Tokyo City Guide

5 Tips to Save Big on a Trip to Tokyo

Let's not kid ourselves; A trip to Tokyo, Japan can be quite expensive. Especially if you didn't do much forward planning. If you want to travel cheaply in Japan, you can use these awesome tips to budget your money and...

Etsy Income Report

How I made $20K extra income on Etsy

The purpose of this blog post is to inspire people to do the hustle and retire early (preferably before 40) to spend more time with family and friends. This article is dedicated to people (especially Millenials) who are willing to...

Justin Tietsworth

For Millennials: How To Pursue Financial Independence?

Do you talk about financial independence and retirement to your friends? Being a millennial is great because we are privileged and empowered. And because of that, having financial freedom is achievable. But it depends on the person of course. Hard...

Making Money with Steemit

How to make money on

Do you have a lot of time to kill? Well, I encourage you to sign up at You can earn extra income just by blogging, liking (upvoting) or commenting on article posts. Say what?! Is this some kind...

bank of america tourist account

How to open a US Bank Account for foreigners?

With over 30 banks to choose from, opening a US bank account for a non-US citizen has never been easy. The safety and convenience features they provide is exceptional. It is a privilege that we should take advantage as non-US...

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