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Bikram Yoga Manila Review


Ever since I signed up wit KFit, I’ve been doing different types of workout every other day (if I’m not lazy). There’s this one good workout that I enjoy the most and got me hooked, it’s called Bikram Yoga. It was introduced by a well-known yogi master, Bikram Choudhury in the early 1970s.

If you want to practice this form of yoga, you need to perform 26 yoga poses and two breathing techniques in a heated room, about 104 Degree Fahrenheit (40 Degree Celsius) with a humidity of 40%. It’s too hot that it makes me sweat a lot without doing anything! You can just sit there, and then your sweat is gonna drip all over your yoga towel/mat.

The 26 Bikram Yoga Poses

26 hot Yoga Poses

source: Pinterest

Check out the pic above. It looks easy right? Vermz, my yoga teacher gave me an intro talk and showed me that chart on my first day. I said to myself, “That’s pretty easy”. But when we started doing all those poses in the heated room, I just wanna open all the windows and splash cold water on my face. It’s super hard, I was gasping for air. Well, that happened on my first day. After few more sessions, I became more comfortable.

Benefits of Bikram Yoga:

Improved flexibility

Bikram yoga advocates extensive stretching of your body parts and muscles to increase your flexibility. The hot environment allows you to stretch your muscles and joints beyond normal limits. This yoga form loosens your muscles in the best possible manner and they become more toned and stronger as well. This hot yoga method also increases your spine strength with utmost efficiency.

Optimal cleansing effects

Since you are practicing yoga in a high-temperature environment, the sweating process becomes faster and it offers a deep cleansing effect on your body. Unwanted toxins are flushed out through your skin and you can achieve better immunity against skin diseases.

Faster weight loss

Obesity has become an alarming concern for many people all around the world. This hot yoga method always helps you maintain a balanced metabolic rate and such a method of approach makes your weight loss journey highly result oriented.Bikram Yoga Manila

Optimal resistance to heart diseases

It is a well-known fact that yoga poses are exclusively designed to improve your heart health and blood circulation. Bikram yoga offers you an excellent cardiovascular workout because of the hot environment and your heart becomes highly resistant to diseases.

Strengthened immune system

This hot yoga practice increases the core temperature in your body effectively and it also raises your T-cell levels to offer a highly strengthened immune system.

Mental health benefits

The mental health benefits of hot yoga (Bikram) include improved focus, better coordination, optimal discipline, high concentration and increased memory and, all these benefits keep your mental health at an optimal level.

Bikram Yoga Manila Rates

bikram yoga greenhills rates

bikram yoga quezon city rates


After few months of doing Bikram yoga, I feel lighter and more flexible. I can’t say that I lose weight coz I’ve been eating the same way like before. I’m already happy with my current weight, I just need to maintain it.

The yoga teachers in QC and Greenhills branches are very nice and friendly (I haven’t been to Makati branch). They roam around the room and make sure you’re doing the right poses. Some teachers will call your name and compliment you for doing a great yoga pose. The facilities are clean and updated. I will definitely convince my friends to try Bikram yoga so they can sweat like a pig. 😉

Bikram Manila Branches:

Quezon City

Address: 5/F CKB Centre, 203 Tomas Morato Ave., Quezon City
Phone: (02) 376 4632
Hours: 6AM–9PM


Address: 3/F, Fox Square Building, 53 Connecticut St, San Juan
Phone: (02) 721 8350
Hours: 6AM–10PM


Address: 15/F 88 Corporate Center, 141 Valero St. cor. Sedeno St., Salcedo Village, Makati
Phone: +63 2 576 8391, +63 2 889 0126
Hours: Saturday 8:30AM–5PM Sunday 8:30AM–5PM


Bikram Yoga Manila QC



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