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How to get a big booty naturally?


Booties. A big beautiful badonkadonk.

Shake that tush, they would jiggle

 Bum, butt, ass, buns, glutes, patootie

Whatever you wanna call it, girls want it big.

Bubble butt. Babble. Babble. Pwet!

Earlier today, I went to Anytime Fitness gym and did this PUNISHING leg and booty workout video by Whitney Simmons. She was right! This is one of the TOUGHEST workouts to get a big bum. There are so many big bum exercises you can find online, but I gotta say, this one challenged me the most.


exercises to make your buttocks bigger

source: pinterest

1.) 10 x 10 Barbell Squats

Do a total of 100 squats with 1-minute rest every ten reps. I started with a standard bar that weighs around 45 pounds. I didn’t add any weights to it because to me, 45 pounds is already heavy. After doing seven sets, my legs started burning, so I rested for awhile until I get comfortable again to lift more weight. On the video, Whitney chose to lift a 35-pound barbell, I tried to copy her, but I just can’t lift the damn thing. So I decided to do what I’m comfortable with, and gradually increase over time. Remember, always listen to your body. If something feels wrong, don’t force it.

bigger but workout

source: leanitup

2.) 20 Barbell Lunges

This workout is good for your bum and quadriceps muscle. I lifted 10 pounds barbell because the back of my neck feels sore after doing 100 barbell squats. At this point, I started feeling dizzy like I wanna vomit so I rested for awhile and took my time until I’m ready again. FYI, I did not eat anything before working out. Before I head to the gym, I only drank black coffee (no sugar, no creamer). I read somewhere that it speeds up your metabolism if you don’t eat anything but black coffee or green tea 30 minutes before your workout. Intermittent fasting really works for me.

3.) 8 Good Mornings

exercises to get a bigger bum

source: oxygenmag

Lifting the same weight I used with lunges, I did Good Mornings workout for 8 reps. Make sure that your knees are slightly bent to avoid any serious injuries. This workout made me feel like I’m Japanese coz it’s like I’m bowing down to greet my reflection in the mirror, “good morning!” 🙂

4.) 8 Straight Leg Deadlift with 3 pulses

bum exercises to get a bigger bum

source: pinterest

Deadlifting is good for your central muscles; lower back, glutes and the abdominal region. Squeeze your butt every pulse so you can feel the burn.

***do numero 2, 3 and 4 for 3 sets***

5.) Pistol squats 3×5

get a bigger bum

source: wodcrusher

I tried this workout and failed. Not just once- but many times. It’s very difficult! After several attempts, I gave up and decided to move on with the next workout which is sumo squat jumps.

6.) Bosu ball sumo squat jumps 3×20

How to Get a Bigger Butt in a Week

source: pinterest

I love this last workout because I get to use this bouncy Bosu ball. I enjoyed it so much and did more than three reps even if I already feel so tired. It’s good for balance and flexibility.

***end of workout***

I added a few more butt workout like the donkey kick, fire hydrant, bridge, and planking. After that, I did some stretching and headed to the bathroom. I almost crawl like this! :)


I hope this post inspires you to get fit!

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