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The Joy of Traveling Solo


Some people are just scared to travel solo because they’re not comfortable navigating a new city or country on their own. Well, I tell you what, you shouldn’t be afraid because the world is more open than ever to wanderers who like to go solo on vacations. As a matter of fact, it is getting more and more common nowadays. You will create wonderful memories and learn a lot from it when you go on solo trips.

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Here are some advantages of traveling solo;

  1. Making itinerary that includes ONLY the things you want to do.

    You get to make the calls. You decide whether to go hiking and see that beautiful sunrise or stay in a cozy coffee shop and read that book you like for 2 hours. You don’t have to be worried whether your companion wants to go surfing and you don’t. It’s really up to you coz you’re the boss.

  2. Making new friends is easier when you’re traveling solo

    Traveling solo forces you to be more sociable. Most people I meet who are also traveling on their own tend to strike up conversations and share their travel experiences. Team up with other backpackers if they invite you so you can explore the city together.

    Don’t be shy to chat with locals and ask about unusual places they can recommend that might interest you. I made a lot of friends on the road; I still communicate with them online.
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  3. Taking action to overcome your fear

    You become 10 times stronger and more confident to do what you want when you step out of your comfort zone. They said if you travel solo on a regular basis, you will feel more confident and fearless. My mindset is like this; if it scares me, then I have to do it to feel accomplished. That’s how you should overcome your fear, “what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger.”

  4. Eating all the food you want without being judged

    Eat whatever you want, no matter what time of the day. Traveling solo liberates you and give you time to treasure a good meal in your own pace. You will learn to appreciate the food you don’t normally eat at home. Nobody’s gonna stop you if you want to eat that oily street food or even count the calories in that burger. Just enjoy your food, it will make you and your tummy happy.

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  5. Learning so much about yourself

    You will learn to test your patience with the things that are out of your control. You won’t waste your energy on the things that don’t deserve it. When you travel solo, you’ll become more open-minded and adventurous. You’ll be more responsible to take care of yourself coz you depend not on anyone else but yourself.

You see, there’s a lot of joy that traveling solo can bring you. It will help you find your purpose in life and make yourself a better person. I urge you to travel solo regularly because it will help you grow, feel empowered, and LOVE YOURSELF more. Don’t be scared of the big changes that traveling will teach you. Embrace new opportunities and just live your dream!


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