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Jumping off a cliff in Siquijor


I jumped off a 35-foot cliff, got hurt pretty badly, but grew some balls.

Before you start reading, I must warn ya’ll…

This post contains a graphic image that may not be suitable for some audiences. If you have a sensitive or weak stomach, can’t tolerate seeing swollen legs, I advise you to close this window immediately. I don’t want people vomiting on their smart phones or laptop. Haha! I’m kidding! Just read on and see what happened to me when I jumped off a cliff.

Salagdoong Beach Resort

Maria, Siquijor— We woke up early for this extreme adventure! My girlfriends and I put on our bikinis and head out to look for a ride to Salagdoong Beach. We already made up our minds, “we’re all going to jump off a cliff in Salagdoong Beach!” Although most of us are quite hesitant to do this, we convinced each other that we’re all gonna jump off that 35 feet cliff. We traveled so far to get to Siquijor.

From Manila, we took a plane to Dumaguete for 1 hour and 25 minutes. Spent few days there to see the Maldives of the Philippines (the Manjuyod Sandbar) and Apo Island. More about this on my next post.

Siquijor 2017

salagdoong beach cliff jump

From Dumaguete, we took a ferry for another 1.5 hours to Siquijor. When we got there, it was already late so we just hang out in a local bar and listen to a live bosa nova music to chill. On our way back to our hotel room, there’s a lot of stray dogs laying on the road comfortably.

I feel bad for them coz they might get hit by a car or something. According to the tricycle driver we spoke to, lotsa bike riders die there. Some were driving fast then out of nowhere, a dog would cross the street then the motorist will hit the dog and he will be thrown out of his bike and break his leg or neck. Crazy I know.

According to urban legend, Siquijor is a town full of witches. Sometimes, they change their form from normal human being to animals like black cats, dogs or birds. I also heard some horror stories about a guy from Manila, falling in love with an ugly witch. He ended up marrying her and got stuck there for the rest of his life. They said the witch used a love potion and cast a spell to the man. Whether it’s true or not, I find it interesting. I guess that makes the town popular. Because there are so many witch stories.

salagdoong beach siquijor philippines

Salagdoong Beach Resort Siquijor accommodation

When we got to Salagdoong beach, the crystal blue water was perfect. We got there early because the staff were still cleaning the sand with a rake and there were few group of people swimming in the ocean. Like less than seven of them. Yes, I count them with my eyes closed. 😉

We also met some bloggers. Shout-out to the lovely couple; Hugo and Noemie from @wewanderasia. They are digital nomads from Canada and Netherlands who loves to travel around Asia. They were flying a drone (I want to buy one but my boyfriend won’t let me) and I get to talk to them for a little bit.

bloggers wewanderasia

hugo and noemie

After seeing them jump, I got motivated to go next even if my legs were shaking coz I’m nervous. When I jumped, my legs were not straight. Take a look at the video below:

I don’t know if you noticed, my legs were not stiffed. According to the couple, we have to make our whole body stiff and cover our nose when we jump. Late advice but thanks to them coz on my second attempt, I feel that I did it the right way.

One hour later, my thighs started to get sore. When I looked at it, I kinda panic coz they look severely bruised and beaten up. Here’s the graphic pic I’m talking about:

Cliffjumping: how high is dangerous?Gross!!! I know! I can’t even sit up properly inside the tiny tricycle ride going back to our hotel. I put a lot of ice to reduce the swelling. When we got back to Manila, I showed it to my older sister and she was shocked!  She thought I joined a fraternity and judged me with her mean eyes. For those of you who don’t know, fraternities in the Philippines usually involves initiation like hazing or beating you up. They do this to see how serious you are to be part of their group/gang. Crazy ass people right? Haha!

Let me just entertain you with these amazing shots I took with my lovely friends…

cliff jumping at salagdoongSalagdoong Beach Siquijor reviewReview of Salagdoong Beach

The End.

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