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Quick Tour in Patong Beach, Phuket


Patong Beach is the most famous resort in Phuket, Thailand. Some people would love it, and others would hate it. It’s pretty crowded, big, bold, loud, wild and bright. Two things I like about it is the white sand beach and the people I find funny. It’s common to see drunk people sleeping in the beach chairs or in the sand during peak season. I find them amusing and nice to look at. What’s so nice about that? I don’t know I just find them hilarious. 🙂

Patong Beach Phuket

In Patong, you can find hundreds of bars, restaurants, massage parlors, GoGo bars and night clubs. If you’re looking for a place to party and play, this is the perfect place to be in Asia. It’s like this; If Vegas is for America, and Amsterdam if for Europe, then Phuket is for Asia. I don’t know I just made that up. LOL! When I was walking around in Patong Beach, I saw some food vendors carrying barbeque and heavy charcoal grilling pan in their shoulders. They would grill the food in front of you. It’s amazing how these Thai people work hard and make money. If there’s a walking encyclopedia, there’s also a walking food stall. What’s the connection? LOL!

Phuket Patong

I read some comments in Trip Advisor from tourist saying they didn’t like the beach coz it’s full of rubbish and it’s not safe to swim there coz they saw some floating used condoms. Eeeewww! But during my stay there, I didn’t see any trash. It was clean and I saw lotsa sweepers as a matter of factly. I don’t know which month they visited there, but when I was there in December, it’s really clean and security officers were roaming around the area.

Motorcycle Patong Beach

According to the vendor I talked to, the water is very flat and calm from November to April (Northeast Monsoon) and there’s big waves and swells from May to October (Southwest Monsoon). The vendor said if I want serenity, she suggested that I should hang out in the northern part of the beach where the water is clearer and less crowded.The middle part is always crowded and bars often play loud music. If you’re looking for a place to park your motorbike, don’t expect that you can get a good parking space near the sign where it says “Patong Beach”. Why? Coz across that big sign is where Bangla Road located.

Bangla Road Phuket

Soi Bangla is the noisiest part of the town. On my first night there, I was culture-shocked coz I saw a lot of GoGo girls and ladyboys walking around wearing tiny itsy bitsy piece of clothing. I wanna cover my eyes with my hands but I know for sure that I will move my fingers to take a little peep or something. LOL! Just kidding. But seriously, I was shocked at some GoGo bars with pole dancers in their windows, it’s like they’re giving a free show. So liberating, can’t help it but look away then glance back. LOL!

Tourist in Patong Beach

The fun part I enjoyed the most in Patong was shopping in Jungceylon Mall. It is the biggest shopping and lifestyle center in Southern Thailand. I found good local stuff there for giveaways and great restaurants. They sell all kinds of stuff like handicrafts, gadgets, beach wear, accessories etc. The shopping center is divided into two department stores; Robinsons and Carrefour. I bought lotsa stuff there for my family and had a great dinner in a Japanese restaurant after watching a traditional Thai show inside the mall. It was nice, free entertainment. 🙂

Jungceylon Mall Shopping Centre

Would I go back to Patong? Probably yes, but I would rather stay in other parts of Phuket like Rawaii Beach. I will write more about it soon. Thanks for visiting my site! Happy Friday! 🙂


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