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Travel and fitness enthusiasts; Kfit review


What’s up beautiful people?! Yesterday I worked out at Spartacus gym and posted a pic on Instagram, I usually post travel pics only but recently I started posting Jiu Jitsu pics and found myself deleting it after few minutes. I’m like, “What the fudge are you doing KT?! If you want a travel niche, stick with it. If you want a fitness blog, make a new one.” Then I jumped in the shower and realized, “Hmmm why don’t I combine both since I have a passion for fitness and travel?” So here I am now, I just added a new tab on my homepage and named it “Fitness”. The simpler the better. 😉 Anyhoo, there’s this app on my phone that’s keeping me busy lately, it’s called Kfit.

kfit Manila

What is Kfit?

Kfit is an incredible app that let’s you have access to 260+ fitness studios, classes and gyms in Metro Manila. It allows members to try new things everyday like yoga, pilates, crossfit, boxing, pole dancing, zumba, MMA, swimming, table tennis and a whole lot more! It’s like a “buffet” of fitness centers with the click of a few buttons.

In case you’re curious, the founder of Kfit app is a young entrepreneur extraordinaire named Joel Neoh. He is the same founder of Groupon Malaysia and International Vice President of Groupon Asia Pacific.

His mission is simple, “to help everyone achieve their fitness goals by making it fun and easy”.  How noble is that? He is so cool! 🙂

This mobile app is available both in iOS and Android.

How does Kfit work? 

It’s pretty simple. Download the app then click on “Discover”. Select any category that interest you.

discover kfit manila

On this screenshot I chose “Boot camp & Crossfit” and it shows a lot of fitness centres. You can sort the search results by time and distance. This way you can pick whichever is nearer to your area or whichever time that best suits your schedule.

kfitters manila

Next, tap on your desired fitness or recreation centre, read the description of that particular work out sesh, check the address if it convenient to you, hit “reserve activity” and you’re done. See how easy that is? You can also save the activity to your calendar so it will sync with your phone and notify you 1 hour before your desired work out.

promo k-fit


How much is the KFit Membership Fee?

It has a limited time promotion of one-month free membership, after that it’s gonna be Php 999 or 20 USD. You can have an All-access Membership with a limited number of reservations (3-5 sessions) to any centers for one month. It is still cheap compared to conventional gyms that will cost you thousand of pesos for a month. I tried crossfit for 3 months and it cost me Php 10,000+ for the membership, that’s why I’m so loving it coz I can save more money and try different activities that will fit my lifestyle.

Kfit Promo

Download the kfit app and register using my invite code: 9378X so you can have 1 month free access. Use the same code to get Php 500 off for your first month on a KFit Fitness membership. It starts at ₱499 and renews monthly at ₱999.

Have you tried the KFit app? Share your experience in the comments section below!

Be active people! Sweat is just fat crying. 😉

Disclaimer: All images I used on this post are from Kfit. This is not a sponsored post


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