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Watch Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge on RTL CBS Extreme



Familiar? It better be! The toughest obstacle race is back!

The Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge Season 2 will be showing on RTL CBS Extreme every Saturdays at 9:35 PM starting September 2.

Yesterday, I was invited by RTL CBS Extreme for a special screening at Fitness First SM North the Block. Before the screening, they set up this interactive Virtual Reality game that you can try while waiting for the other guests. Since I was one of the early birds, I tried it out. Man… It’s freakin’ hard! It kinda messed up with my brain.

I read somewhere that it improves control over dreams, helps paraplegics regain muscle control and cures vertigo. I don’t really know if that’s true but that VR thingy made me feel nauseous. Only two bloggers tried it out, Adrian of and me. Maybe the other guests were hesitant to try it out because the whole room can see what you’re seeing on the VR glasses.

rtl cbs

Spartans, are you ready?!

Before the screening starts, the host who looks like Erwan Heussaf gave us some background about the show. It was inspired by Joe De Sena and Jeffrey Connor of Spartan Race, Inc. In each episode, six teams with a group of five athletes will compete to win $250,000. That’s a huge amount of money!

To make the special screening more exciting, they ran a raffle. They have these name lists at the registration and the host randomly pick a piece of paper with our name on it. Guess what?! I won! I got this Spartan Sprint Philippines 2017 race pass for September 16 event at Timberland Heights, San Mateo Rizal. But too bad I can’t come because that’s my big sister’s wedding date. I will just run a contest on Instagram and give it away.

spartan ultimate team challenge

source: NBC

Lights out, hit play! The audience was all excited because the hosts Apolo Ohno (U.S. Winter Olympian) and Kelvin Washington (ESPN radio personality) were so pumped up! “No one triumphs alone” is the show’s tagline. No team can get through the course and reach the finish line without working together.

The backbreaking obstacles were especially built for Spartans racers. I can imagine how hard it is to be in their shoes with their facial expressions. Almost everybody in the audience was cheering and yelling for the racers. The vibe was kinda similar to “American Ninja Warrior” because the show has the same producers. I must say, sitting there and watching the show was fun and gave me an adrenaline rush.

Was it good?

This show has a heart because they give the audience a clear positive message that in order to succeed, you have to build camaraderie. Even kids can watch it because you can teach them a valuable lesson about achieving goals. I only watched the first episode but I’ll give this show a 5-star rating because I instantly got hooked.

Fitness First Spartans

RTL CBS Extreme together with Fitness First, set up a Spartans’ workout. Of course, I documented the demo and joined the workout. Here are the videos that I converted to gifs:

Workout 1: Rowers

Workout 2: Tire flip

Workout 3: Stationary bike workout

Workout 4: Plyo box workout

Workout 5: Standing row

Workout 6: Monkey bar workout

Workout 7: Jump lunges with medicine ball

Workout 8: Walk with weights

Workout 9: Side to side run with touch floor (I don’t really know what it’s called lol!)

Workout 10: Push-pull workout

The workout was badass! I sweat like a piggy oink oink after doing the 10 workouts for 1-minute interval. I bet this is nothing compared to the grueling obstacles in the show. The coach selected 2 bloggers who nailed the workout and they won a 1-month Fitness First subscription. Pretty cool aight? 🙂

The overall experience was fun coz I met Kezia of RTL, Noelle of Kikayrunner, Adrian of Takbo, Allan of Starmometer, Mike of BusinessWorld and Anj of Pep. RTL CBS Extreme’s staff was so kind and generous, they gave us some freebies! Yay!

Spartan: Ultimate Team ChallengeI also got a water tumbler but it’s not on the photo coz I gave it to the taxi driver on my way home coz he was super nice and I enjoyed the conversation we had about the Philippines’ economy. 🙂

And oh, you can watch the Spartans race at RTL CBS Extreme. It’s available on the following channels:

1.) SKYcable HD channel 209

2.) Destiny Cable Digital channel 104

3.) Cablelink HD channel 310

You can use the hashtag, #SpartanS2onRTLCBSExtreme on your social media accounts to pump up the show and spread the positive message about the importance of “teamwork”.

Until next time guys! Ciao! 🙂


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